Dan Shaughnessy checks in with Gresh and Zolak from Seattle, where he’s covering the Red Sox as they visit the Mariners.

Before the 4th of July holiday the Boston Celtics announced the hiring of Brad Stevens as their new head coach. The 36-year-old has been the head coach of Butler University for the last six years and the Celtics gave him a six-year deal worth about $22 million.

The deal seemingly came out of nowhere and took many by surprise. Did Shaughnessy see this signing coming? What are his thoughts on the hire of Stevens?

“I don’t think anyone had any idea, this is typical Danny he’s a bold thinker and found a kindred spirit there and rolled the dice. It’s a guy who is obviously willing to work with a team when they are rebuilding and jeez six-years, $22 million we can all see the motivation for him no matter what happens.”

They went on to discuss how Stevens and Rajon Rondo might get along. Will the new head coach be able to grab the 27-year-old point guard’s attention?

Shaughnessy and the guys also hit on the Tyler Seguin trade and other off-season moves by the Bruins, including the signing of Jerome Iginla.

Also, the question of the Red Sox being “buyers” or “sellers” at the trade deadline comes up, and lastly, the on-going Arron Hernandez situation.


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