By Todd Gutner WBZ-TV

For the first time this month the high temp did not clear 80 degrees and it only reached 72…that was a nice break from the sizzling heat.  Unfortunately, the sky high humidity is holding strong.  Tomorrow a warmfront will lift north dragging very warm and even muggier air.  The result will be another oppressive day with highs back above 80 and numerous soaking showers and thunderstorms.  Some of the storms may lead to street and parking lot flooding.

A coldfront will approach for Thursday and will be working through during the afternoon.  Because it won’t pass until later in the evening, Thursday will end up very warm and humid with more torrential showers and thunderstorms.

The key to our Friday through Sunday weather is the resting place of that coldfront.  Indications are that the front will have very tough time getting through Southern New England.  This isn’t a huge surprise considering it’s Summer and the cold, dry air push isn’t as strong as it is in the colder months.  Friday will likely be a transition day with clouds and scattered showers in the morning followed by lowering humidity for the afternoon.  At present time, Saturday looks sweet with ample sunshine, low humidity and temps in the lower 80s.  The airmass will also be warming through the weekend and early next week with 90 once again possible.

Again, the weekend, especially Saturday, hinges on the placement of that coldfront so we will be watching that closely.


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