BOSTON (CBS) — Phantom Gourmet recently purchased four bottles of water enhancers from a local supermarket.

The zero calorie, berry flavored contenders were Crystal Light, Dasani Drops, 4C and Mio.

While none of these products could ever be mistaken for real fruit juice, if you’re looking to jazz up that boring old water bottle, you might as well use the brand that ended up at the top of our food chain.

4C finished in last place.

This wildberry pomegranate flavor comes in a boring, unattractive bottle that just feels too wide in your hand. But the big problem here was the weak flavor.

One squeeze wasn’t enough and a second, didn’t make things much better. What Phantom did taste was much closer to iced tea than sweet berry.

Next up, was Mio.

The sleek label and fun shape make this bottle look like it’s from outer space. But the berry pomegranate blend inside was no shooting star.

Despite its pale color, Mio did deliver plenty of flavor, but it also left behind an oily mouth feel that Phantom found off-putting.

The runner up is Dasani Drops.

The label reads “mixed berry” but Phantom thinks it ought to have said “fruit punch.”

Quite sweet, and flavor forward, this brand gives water an over-the-top blast that some will find appealing.

Plus, unlike the other competitiors, Dasani squeezes 32 servings into their bottle, instead of the standard 24.

At the top of the food chain is Crystal Light.

One squirt gives your water an attractive blue tint and a refreshing raspberry blueberry flavor.

It goes down smooth, with a nice balance of fruitiness and sweetness that blew the other brands out of the water.

That’s why Crystal Light Raspberry Blueberry Water Enhancer is at the top of the food chain.

Check out all the food and fun on Phantom Gourmet Sunday at 1030 and 11 a.m. on our sister station myTV38.




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