It’s time again for a new installment of everyone’s favorite game, Ask A Pink Hat!

Adolfo was outside Fenway before the Red Sox took on the Padres on Tuesday to ask some fans simple baseball and Red Sox related questions.

Our contestant told Adolfo that her favorite thing about Fenway Park is watching all the people, and she had to ask people she was with who her favorite player was. Luckily they helped her out and knew it was David Ortiz. Can she deliver once the real questions start?

1. What position does David Ortiz play?

2. Who is the manager of the Red Sox?

3. Does she know who the Sox were about to play the night she was going to the game?

4. Can she name three players for the Red Sox?

5. What position is between the right and left fielder?

6. Finish these Red Sox player names Shane ______, Clay ______, and Junichi ______.


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