By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – Let’s face it, plenty of people do dumb things from time to time, even smart people.

But there are dumb acts, and then there are moves that betray a total lack of social conscience.

For instance, the South End man arrested Tuesday on charges he tried to claim nearly $2.2 million from the One Fund by falsely claiming his aunt had been injured during the Marathon bombings.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

This guy allegedly submitted a letter to fund administrators from a top Boston Medical Center certifying that his aunt had suffered a double amputation. That turned out to be a forgery, prosecutors say.

And there was another problem with the story.

The aunt has been dead for more than a decade.

If proven guilty, I find it hard to settle on the right word to adequately describe this individual.

“Idiot” comes to mind, but that doesn’t quite capture the calculation behind the alleged crime.

“Crook” and “swindler” seem appropriate, but they don’t quite capture the sheer stupidity of his plan.

As Attorney General Martha Coakley puts it, “he sought to take these funds away from real victims of the Marathon attack and from the thousands of people who had so generously given to help those who truly need it.’’

Quite the clever scheme, you just hope he didn’t have help with it.

But this combination of stupidity and greed deserves its own adjective.

I know.

How about “Cridiot”?

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