It’s an agenda free Friday on a Wiggy Wednesday and Felger & Mazz started their day asking a lot of questions. How about John Lackey? Too good to be true? Is he back? What about the all-star voting? Viva Puig? And Tuuka Rask could get a huge contract– in the neighborhood of 56 million over 8 years- which would tie him with Nashville’s Pekka Rinne for the largest cap hit in the NHL. And is Chiarelli really considering resigning Jagr? De we really want him back? And news in the Hernandez case continues to develop, with even more surfacing today. But they wonder, is going undercover the answer? What could the Patriots have seen if they followed him? Are there snitches in the locker room?

In hour 2 the conversation turned to Tyler Seguin- if he can’t get the job done, trade him? More complaints about John Lackey- how quickly we forget. And trading Rondo—a good idea or bad? And, who they would like to see in a Celtics’ uniform next year? Also, tune in for 10 questions with Wiggy. In this week’s edition, we find out who he’d pursue in NBA free agency, whether or not he thinks Tebow will make the Patriots Roster, if he was in the Nathan’s hotdog eating contest, how many could he put away and with July 4th a day away we want to know, is Wiggy a fireworks guy? Plus your questions, too.

During hour 3 Felger and Mazz discussed whether or not Boston fans are ready for a Celtics rebuild. They returned to whether or not Lackey is an easy player to root for and should the Bruins bring in Daniel Alfredsson? And Manny Ramierz returns to baseball? Yes he does!

In the fourth and final hour Felger and Mazz took calls on everything that happened this week. How will the Patriots offense look this year? Who should the Bruins go after this off season? Are the Red Sox for real? And, of course Doc Rivers decision to leave… and the Celtics have hired a new head coach. And Marc Bertrand wraps up the day with The Final Word with Marc Bertrand.


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