By Jay Lindsay, Associated Press

BOSTON (AP) — A former drug dealer says he built a booming business with James “Whitey” Bulger, even as Bulger insisted on hiding his involvement and eventually threatened the dealer’s life.

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William Shea testified Tuesday at the reputed gangster’s trial that he built a cocaine-dealing business with Bulger in their South Boston neighborhood that pulled in six figures a week.

But he said Bulger created a “charade” that he wasn’t involved to protect his local reputation.

Shea said his friendly relationship with Bulger took a turn after Bulger objected to Shea’s plan to leave the operation.

He said Bulger brought up Arthur “Bucky” Barrett, a safecracker whom prosecutors say Bulger killed.

Bulger has pleaded not guilty to charges against him, which include participating in 19 slayings.

The 83-year-old fled Boston in 1994 and wasn’t captured until 2011 in California.

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