This Week On myTV38
Here is a look at our picks this week for programming on myTV38. See our program guide for the complete schedule of what to watch!


Monday 7/1 – 6:30pm

How-I-Met-Your-Mother-LogoHow I Met Your Mother
“The Scorpion and the Toad”
Lily returns from San Francisco claiming to have had the summer of her life, but her friends quickly manage to see through her act.

“We’re getting past ‘Everything’s Fine Lily’ and into ‘1998 Cinco de Mayo Lily’, and I’m not cleaning that up again.” –Robin



Tuesday 7/2 – 5:30pm

The-King-of-Queens-LogoThe King of Queens
“Affidavit Justice”
Carrie’s law firm asks Doug to pretend to be a lawyer and join the company softball team, which worries Carrie; Arthur thinks his family used to own slaves.

[Referring to Doug passing as a lawyer] “Doug, look you can pass as a lot of things. Okay, furnace guy, roofer, mall security, anything in the mall really.” –Carrie



Wednesday 7/3 – 7:00pm

The-Big-Bang-Theory-LogoThe Big Bang Theory
“The Hamburger Postulate”
Once realizing that his future of ever getting close to Penny will never be, Leonard decides to engage in a one night stand with a fellow female scientist.

“Do you realize I may share a Nobel Prize with your booty call?” –Sheldon



Thursday 7/4 – 6:00pm

“The Summer of George”
After receiving a severance package from the Yankees, George decides to take a few months off and initiates “The Summer of George”; Kramer wins a Tony award.

“So has the summer of George already started or are you still decomposing?” –Jerry



Friday 7/5 – 7:30pm

The-Big-Bang-Theory-LogoThe Big Bang Theory
“The Pants Alternative”
Sheldon’s friends come to his aid when his fear of public speaking stands between him and a coveted award, offering to be his “X-Men.”

“Hello, I know you’re out there. I can hear you metabolizing oxygen and expelling carbon dioxide.” –Sheldon



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