By Lauren Leamanczyk, WBZ-TV

MALDEN (CBS) – Investigators are pleading for help in the murder of a Malden war veteran and skateboard shop owner. Two men were caught on surveillance in January moments before the shooting of Shawn Clark, a father of two.

For friends, like PJ Quattrocchi, Clark’s legend looms large. His shop was a hub for kids who loved skateboarding – and Shawn was their mentor. That’s why PJ was glad to see our cameras outside the empty storefront Monday afternoon.

Shawn Clark

Shawn Clark

“My fear was that it was just kind of forgotten and they had given up on it,” said PJ.

Investigators say they are as determined today as they were five months ago to catch the killers.

“This is a crime that affected the community,” said Malden Police Chief Kevin Mollis, “affected a family and affected friends and loved ones of the victim.”

So they are re-releasing surveillance video in hopes of generating a fresh lead. The video shows the two suspects leaving the scene of the murder.

“We have made some progress,” said Middlesex DA Marian Ryan. “We’re hoping that progress will bring to light some people who will look at those videos and say ‘I know who that person is.'”

The brazen shooting in broad daylight rattled the community.

So as investigators ask for tips, Shawn Clark’s friends are begging for them too.

The District Attorney wouldn’t say what she believes was the motive for this killing.  Friends and neighbors say they suspect it was a random act.


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