The Bruins run to another Stanley Cup is over after a dramatic loss in Game 6 Monday night.

The Bruins scored with just over eight minutes left in the third period to break the 1-1 tie, but with 1:16 left in the game the Blackhawks tied it up once again. Bruins fans crossed their fingers hoping for overtime, but then :17 seconds later Chicago scored again to take a 3-2 lead. Time expired and Bruins fans saw the Blackhawks celebrating a Stanley Cup win on the Garden ice.

Adolfo was outside the Garden after the loss to talk with the disappointed Boston fans leaving the building.

The two guys who Adolfo caught up with were completely stunned the Bruins lost the game in the final minute, and very angry that the Chicago Blackhawks were celebrating the Stanley Cup win in Boston. During their expletive-laden rant, they even threw in some hate for Doc Rivers leaving to go to the Clippers.

No one was off limits as these guys just let their anger and frustrations out.

T&R also got their hand on audio from Jim Murray’s show down in Atlanta. Murray is forced to try and host his show while watching the game at the same time. Aftering playing his freak-outs from Boston’s Game 7 win over Toronto and the Game 4 loss to the Blackhawks, the guys take a listen to Jim’s show audio from Monday night.


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