This video is part two of the Jay Talking cross-country rail trip from New Orleans to Los Angeles. On this leg of the adventure we will cross West Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California. This is a section of the country where you can travel many miles without seeing a man-made structure or a human being.

As a person who resides in a megalopolis, it is eye opening to realize just how empty large areas of the United Stated are. I got a an idea of how different the life experiences of folks who live here must be from mine, and how those experiences must forge political points of view. For instance, it is easy to see how a person living in a geographical reality such as what you see in the video might have a radically different view of gun ownership than someone living in Massachusetts. There is no way I would in West Texas without owning a gun.

And when you actually see how the border with Mexico is set up, you better understand the urgency of the border security situation.

One fun thing that happens on this route is that in El Paso a woman named Rosie meets the train with two or three suitcases packed with burritos. Some are bean and cheese and others are potato and green chili burritos. They are fresh, warm, and only two bucks apiece. Some members of the train crew ordered ten of them. I got four.

Also, in this episode I want to give you an idea of what the train’s amenities are like, so I shot some footage of the coaches, including the viewing car.

A cross-country trip by train is a low cost and low stress option for a unique vacation and I hope you give it a try. Just make sure to be at the station on time or the train will leave without you.

All the best,

Bradley Jay


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