BOSTON (CBS) –  The Boston Celtics were set to hold a noon press conference with Doc Rivers and Danny Ainge on Friday.

Then just a short time later, it was called off.

It appears the Clippers may have gotten a little nervous at what the C’s could have announced, and are now are reportedly ready to head back to the negotiating tables for Rivers.

After almost a week of rumored trade talk, the Clippers and Celtics had an agreement in place on Thurdsay that Boston would have released Rivers from the three years remaining on his contract and sent Kevin Garnett out west for DeAndre Jordan and two first-round draft picks. The Clippers would then sign Rivers to a five-year deal to become their next head coach.

Scal On T&R: Doc Will Be Coaching Clippers Next Season

But the NBA squashed the deal, putting the deal in doubt. Reports said the Clippers set their sights on just Rivers, but did not want to send any compensation to Boston.

Now, it appears that has changed a bit.

With Chris Paul ready to become a free agent, and reportedly a big Doc Rivers fan, Los Angeles is rethinking that stance and is now willing to part ways with something for Rivers.

What that compensation is remains to be seen, but the Denver Nuggets reportedly offered Boston a first-round pick for Rivers last week, so Ainge can use that as a starting point with LA.


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