This final day of spring 2013 will be absolutely splendid. It is New England June weather at its very best. The clear, calm, crisp start will turn into a pleasantly warm and dry day with ample sunshine and fewer clouds than yesterday.  It will be just grand from the mountaintops to the seashore. Temperatures will rise about 30 degrees in many areas from the morning mins in the upper 40s to the afternoon highs in the upper 70s to near 80. The wind will be light and variable in direction before becoming southerly inland at a few mph and southeasterly with a few spikes up to 12-13 mph at the coastline where it will be a bit cooler in the lower 70s to possibly upper 60s during the afternoon. The high tides occur just before 9 am and just after 9 pm with a low tide in the middle at 3 pm. Apply the sunscreen with the very high UV Index. A zone of high pressure will cross the area this morning and shift offshore this afternoon. It will merge with the huge Atlantic high pressure system and turn into a Bermuda heat pumper. Each succeeding day through the weekend into the first half of next week will be warmer with middle to upper 80s this weekend and near or slightly over 90 degrees Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. It will definitely be summery to coincide with the official start of astronomical summer at 1:04 am tomorrow.

Initially, the humidity is low today and it will stay comfortable through tomorrow into Saturday before we start feeling the muggies. Expect moderate to high humidity on Sunday and high to bordering on oppressive humidity on Monday into Wednesday. There will be no rain today followed by a low risk of isolated showers and storms along a very weak boundary mainly north and west of Boston tomorrow. After that, the threat of showers and boomers ramps up on Saturday as an upper level disturbance arrives from the Great lakes and NY. Most of the action will unfold across larger portions of northern New England but some cells may stray into at least northern MA by later Saturday afternoon or evening. This disturbance will pass by so that Sunday should be a bit more stable yielding a much lower risk of storms. The threat ramps up again a bit on Monday and Tuesday in the 3-H environment with most of the action projected over ME, NH and VT especially over the mountains during the afternoons and evenings. Once again, though, a few stray storms may be striking parts of northern MA. The main action should develop later Wednesday as a frontal boundary and wave disturbance create showers and boomers spreading out over the entire area. As an upper air deepening trough of low pressure takes shape over the eastern U.S., a return to wetter weather is probable assuming the pattern evolves into this configuration. So we may be adding to the copious amounts already in the books for June. This is Boston’s 4th wettest June on record and it could easily jump a couple notches into second place if this scenario verifies later next week.

Watch the waxing gibbous Strawberry Moon as it becomes full Saturday night. It’s my second favorite full moon of the year and it is exactly full at 7:32 am Sunday. Due to the moon’s closest approach to Earth this year, it is called a Supermoon.

Todd Gutner will post his blog early this evening.

Make it a great day!


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