By Jim Armstrong, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – Admitted killer John Martorano is done with his time on the witness stand in the trial against his longtime partner James “Whitey” Bulger.

But after court, one of Martorano’s closest family members spoke in his defense.

“He wants to be what he always has been – a good guy,” explained Joe Martorano, first cousin of the man who confessed to 20 murders. When asked to describe his cousin he could only say he’s honest.

“One thing he is, is truthful,” said Martorano. “His word was gold, regardless of everything else.”

Bulger’s defense team tore into Martorano for the second consecutive day Wednesday, saying the only reason the 72-year-old took the stand against his former partner,was because he cut a deal to save himself.

“Your partner now is the federal government isn’t it?” asked Bulger lawyer Hank Brennan. Martorano responded simply: “No”.

When asked why he turned against Bulger, Martorano described almost a race among other criminals.

“I figure if my story came out it would be a true story, not somebody else’s story,” he said.

Prosecutors also brought out almost two dozen graphic images of murders attributed to Martorano and Bulger, as alleged victim’s families looking on.

“It brings back too many bad memories for me. I kind of hyperventilate when I see that stuff,” offered Patricia Donahue, whose husband Michael was allegedly gunned down by Bulger in 1982, while Bulger was aiming for someone else.


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