BOSTON (CBS) – The Clippers and Celtics are reportedly done talking about a blockbuster trade that would have sent Doc Rivers and Kevin Garnett to Los Angeles.

According to the LA Times’ Brad Turner, the Clippers feel the Celtics are asking for too much and are calling off the talks. The two sides could not come to an agreement on what Los Angeles would send to Boston, and the Clippers are moving on.

Talks between the two teams got serious over the weekend, with the original deal looking like Garnett and Rivers would head to LA for center DeAndre Jordan, guard Eric Bledsoe, and a draft pick. But Los Angeles did not want to include Bledsoe, and talks stalled.

Things resumed on Monday when Boston backed off their request for Bledsoe, and many reports said a deal was very close to getting done late in the afteroon. But the two teams hit another bump in the road when LA refused to take back veterans Jason Terry or Courtney Lee.

The Celtics backed off that request, but asked the Clippers for two first rounds. Once again, LA refused.

Talks resumed on Tuesday, but it appears Boston held strong on their request for a pair of first-rounders. No progress was made, and the Clippers are now moving on.

Now, LA will start looking for a new head coach, and the Celtics have some damage control ahead of them.

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