BRIDGEWATER (CBS) — An unexpected online friendship has led to lifesaving surgery for a young Pakastani boy.

Christine Muratore of Bridgewater met baby Zebaan’s father Saleem Khattak while playing online poker in January.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Kim Tunnicliffe reports 

Zebaan was born with his heart on the wrong side of his body, and no spleen. Zebaan also has two holes in his heart.

Baby Zebaan. (Credit: WBZ's Kim Tunnicliffe)

Baby Zebaan. (Credit: WBZ’s Kim Tunnicliffe)

Since hearing of the baby’s heart condition, Muratore began a crusade to get the baby to the United States to undergo extensive surgery.

Six months later, the boy and his family are now at Boston Children’s Hospital.

The Ray Tye Medical Aid Foundation heard about the baby boy and offered to help.

“I feel like they are family,” Muratore said. “It was very unexpected, it is what every good friendship is, a friendship that affects you all through.”

Khattak sold his car and many of the family’s belongings to make the trip to Boston.

Baby Zebaan with Muratore (Credit: WBZ's Kim Tunniclife)

Baby Zebaan with Muratore (Credit: WBZ’s Kim Tunniclife)

“She is like an angel and really she is a member of my family,” he said.

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