In this week’s edition of 10 Questions with Wiggy, the guys discuss the NBA Finals, Rob Gronkowski, the Stanley Cup Final, Wiggy’s word on the street, and much more.

 10 Questions with Wiggy:
 10. Assume both are going into their primes, who would you rather have as a franchise player? Tim Duncan or LeBron James?

9. Rob Gronkowski is headed in for back surgery today, expected him to set him back 12 weeks. That is September 10th. The opener is September 8th at Buffalo. You ever have this procedure? What should be the Pats’ target?

8. Big story this week with Robert Kraft claiming Valdimir Putin stole his Patriots Super Bowl ring. What would you have said to Putin, if he put your ring in his pocket? Where do you keep yours?

7. Jon Lester has sucked for a month and Clay Buchholz is once again battling injury. Should the Sox be worried?

6. Is golf a sport?

5. Word on the street: “All I can say is the B’s got me funky, saw Man of Steel and I’m still buggin off of it u fizz naye.” Please translate.

4. Give me your Stanley Cup favorites for next season. Two teams from each conference.

3. We’ve talked about Doc possibly going and working for the worst owner in all of sports, Donald sterling of the Clippers, is he the worst of the worst? Who is the worst owner in all of sports?

2. Justin Beiber was involved in a hit-and-run incident last night with a member of the Paparazzi. Who’s the bigger DB? Beiber or the photographer?

1. You’ve got one game to win tonight: Who do you want in net? Tim Thomas or Tuukka Rask?

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