By Joe Mathieu, WBZ NewsRadio 1030

BOSTON (CBS) – Did you want to go to work this morning?

Maybe a better way of asking is – did you dread going to work this morning?

New research by Gallup finds that more and more people are answering the latter with a resounding yes.

Gallup is out with its “State of the American Workplace” report, finding that only 30-percent of Americans are actively engaged in, or enthusiastic about, their jobs.

That means 70-percent of Americans are disengaged and not committed to their jobs.

Dangerous numbers for any company trying to grow or even maintain its business.

And apparently we know a lot about this in New England, where three states make the top 10 for people most likely to not like their jobs.

Rhode Island is number one for “actively disengaged” workers. Connecticut is second on that list. Vermont comes in sixth.

Now you know what they say about New Englanders. We’re not friendly. We’re skeptical and hard to please. So, of course, we don’t like work.

But in the cases of Rhode Island and Connecticut, researchers point to relatively weak job markets in both states – suggesting that people may not be working the jobs they want.

Vermont is more difficult to explain.

But the real takeaway is that we may still be feeling the effects of the Great Recession. Jobs were lost and people were displaced, forced, in many cases, to work at places they never planned to be in, doing things they never wanted to do.

So they end up disliking their jobs.

Let’s hope the situation corrects itself as the job market recovers.

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