It was another long night for Boston sports fans, but it wasn’t a Bruins game that ran long. This time around the Red Sox went 13-innings until Chris Davis of the Baltimore Orioles singled home the tie-breaking run with two outs, giving the Orioles the 5-4 victory.

The Red Sox have had issues with pitching as of late, bringing guys up from Pawtuckett and throwing them right out on the field. With not many options to go to how will the Red Sox handle pitching moving forward over the next few weeks.

“My guess is De La Rosa comes up today as a bullpen arm and then it’s either Aceves or Webster in a separate move for one of the double header games on Tuesday,” Red Sox insider Sean McAdam told 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher & Rich.

They went on to discuss starter Clay Buchholz who was suppose to start on Friday night, but was originally pushed back to Sunday. Then it was reported that the starter wouldn’t be ready and looked good for a start on Tuesday instead. Why wouldn’t the team just place Buccholz on the DL?

“You don’t want to lose someone for longer than you have to, to put it simply. They’re trying to walk that tightrope between not rushing a guy back and not losing him any longer than they have to.”

“You want to have him on the mound when he’s healthy and ready to go, but not do that too prematurely.”


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