BOSTON (CBS) – The trial of Whitey Bulger is finally underway, and the latest Suffolk University poll shows 68-percent of us are very or somewhat interested in the proceedings.

The remaining 32-percent should make a point of paying attention as well.

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Because there is a lot more at stake here than justice for an allegedly vicious serial killer.

By the time the trial ends this fall, we can hope to learn the truth behind who did what to – and for – whom.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

One myth formally bit the dust in court the other day, that Bulger not only didn’t deal drugs, but actively worked to keep them out of Southie, in keeping with the fairy tale of him as some sort of thug Robin Hood. No, his lawyers now admit, he peddled drugs to his neighbors, as aggressively as possible.

Gallery: Bulger Surveillance Photos

Add the human carnage that created to his alleged death toll.

We also need the truth about how extensively law-enforcement figures collaborated with Bulger.

The defense would prefer to turn this into a trial of the FBI, and while they shouldn’t be allowed to deflect blame from their client, we also must know the full extent of the bureau’s complicity here, once and for all.

And the Bulger trial is also important as a test case of how well our justice system works.

Bulger’s lead lawyer, J.W. Carney, is one of the best defense attorneys around, and he has made it clear he’s willing to use every trick in the book to try to get his client off, on our dime, by the way.

Expert lawyers and a gullible jury let O.J. Simpson get away with murder.

Could it happen again?

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