FOXBORO (CBS) – Veteran tow truck driver Greg Banks has seen some pretty strange stuff.

He was summoned to a Foxboro home Tuesday morning by a man who claimed his pickup got stuck in the muddy grass as he was helping his aunt move.

“He didn’t give me any inclination that he was there robbing the place,” Banks told WBZ-TV Thursday. “He made it out to be he actually lived there you know?”

As it would turn out, the pickup was loaded with TV’s, electronics, cameras, and jewelry he had just swiped from a house where he’d parked in the backyard and climbed in through a window.

The burglar’s escape didn’t go very well because it had rained hard overnight.

He stuffed some lattice work under the spinning tires and then retrieved some rugs from the house in a failed effort to get some traction, before calling the tow truck.

“He must have been in a panic,” said the homeowner. “Here is he just robbed a house and he’s stuck.”

Amid a sense of violation and the loss of some irreplaceable items, the homeowner did not want his name used, but does manage a smile at the burglar’s predicament.

“He must have been sweating pretty good, so I kind of feel good about that,” he says.

Just moments after Banks yanked the burglar’s pickup from the mud; he sped off through the front yard.

An alert Banks quickly called the burglar’s license plate in to police.

Police traced the plate to a Taunton home and a man who just finished serving a Rhode Island prison sentence.

Police have not released the suspect’s name.


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