Late Monday afternoon reports started to come out that the New England Patriots signed Tim Tebow.

Gresh and Zolak started Tuesday’s show reacting to the news that the Patriots have signed Tim Tebow to a two-year deal. Word is that Tebow will reportedly be used strictly as a quarterback.

Neither of the hosts are really too keen on the thought of Tebow coming to town and they wonder why the team makes this kind of move.

“Tim Tebow is a credit to the human race, and I don’t say that flippantly,” Gresh of the newly acquired quarterback. “He walks through the door with your daughter it’s a great thing…When I heard yesterday he would be studying the tight end position, I thought alright, maybe. I’d rather see them take a project college basketball player to try there, but alright, they’re throwing something against the wall and trying to see if it sticks.”

“Then you read he’s going to be listed as the number three quarterback, which is the biggest waste of time and resources of an NFL team, unless you’re doing one thing; moving jerseys. Tim Tebow will help you do that.” Gresh continued, “If he’s just a quarterback, this is stupid, stupid, stupid.”

What do you think of the signing? Will Tebow be on the roster come the first game of the regular season?

Gresh and Zolak then “put on the rose-colored glasses” and discussed how the newest Patriot might be able to help the team.


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