By Joe Mathieu, WBZ NewsRadio 1030

BOSTON (CBS) – Well she’s no Justin Bieber, I can tell you that.

But in the first 24 hours of Hillary Clinton’s life on Twitter, she already had over 350,000 followers.

And what a tease. The bio on her Twitter page describes the former First Lady-turned-Senator-turned-Secretary of State as a “pantsuit aficionado” and “hair icon” among other things. And it ends with “TBD” – to be determined.


So now everyone’s in a lather about whether Hillary will run.


And like most people I’m having a hard time imagining a world in which she does not.

I was there when Clinton dropped out of the presidential race in 2008. People stood in line for hours in 100 degree Washington, DC, heat just to get a glimpse of Hillary.

And I’ll never forget the tone in her voice.

She was clearly resigned to the fact that she had lost but she wasn’t happy about it. And just about everyone in the room believed she would be back.

Then we saw her transform into the nation’s top diplomat as President Obama’s first Secretary of State – a move that changed her image and arguably helped her chances for another run. It gave her big foreign policy credentials that she didn’t have.

But then of course Benghazi happened. And it remains a big unknown for Clinton’s political future.

There are many unanswered questions about what happened in that deadly attack. And who was at fault for not better protecting Americans there.

Hard to tell where that story goes. But I can tell you that Clinton’s favorability rating – as measured by Gallup – has fallen to the lowest level since she went to the State Department.

That may not matter. Three years represents several lifetimes in politics. And we must remember that Hillary Clinton is still a celebrity in the Democratic Party.

In fact I challenge you to name anyone who could pose a credible threat to Clinton in the race to the nomination.

And yes Joe Biden, I’m including you.

You can follow Joe on Twitter @JoeMathieuWBZ.

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