None of the national analysts gave the Boston Bruins a chance against the Pittsburgh Penguins, so most were surprised when the B’s had a chance to sweep the series on Friday.

Some pundits thought the Penguins would at least be able to pull out one win and avoid getting swept, but the Bruins got it done on their home ice and sent the Penguins into an early march to the off-season.

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So with the Bruins clinching at home, Adolfo was back outside the Garden on Friday night to talk to some of the jacked up fans about the sweep, and approaching Stanley Cup Finals.

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As you can imagine, the sweep of the mighty Penguins had fans pretty fired up — especially with it coming on a Friday night.

So it should come as no surprise that this edition of “Drunken Bruins Recaps” featured something that has never happened to Adolfo in all his years of doing hitting the streets and talking to less-than-sober fans:

In this second recap, T&R got off track discussing one of Jon Wallach’s tweets from Game 4.

Adolfo also talks with a guy who has a hard time trying to find the words to describe how he felt about the sweep of the Penguins.


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