WALPOLE (CBS) – Joe Procaccini of Walpole made a bit of history at Fenway Park over the weekend and he never had to set foot on the field.

He caught two home run balls in one game.

Joe Procaccini. (Photo by Paul Burton)

Joe Procaccini. (Photo by Paul Burton)

Sitting in the front row of the center field bleachers Sunday afternoon Procaccini nabbed Mark Carp’s shot to center in the sixth inning.

Watch: Catch 1 Here

Then, in the bottom of the seventh, Jarrod Saltalamacchia cleared the center field wall for his second homer of the game and guess who was there to catch it?

Procaccini again.

Watch: Catch 2 Here

He told WBZ-TV’s Paul Burton Monday that he still can’t believe it happened to him. He recorded the game on his DVR and has watched both replays several times.

Procaccini, 33, does not have the baseballs anymore.

He gave one to his brother and the other to a little boy who was sitting behind him. It was the boy’s first Major League game.

Catching more than one home run in a game is rare.  In a similar feat, an Orioles fan caught three home balls in three nights in Baltimore, back in 2011.


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