By Paul Burton, WBZ-TVBy Paul Burton

MANSFIELD (CBS) — With less than a week away from Father’s Day, a Mansfield man has extra reason to celebrate this year.

Angela and Scott Shea gave birth to a healthy, baby girl but their delivery was a very scary, close call.

Scott was rushing his wife to the hospital, but realized she wasn’t going to make it.

“We weren’t a mile from our house and I told my husband we are going to have this baby on the side of the road,” Angela said.

At first Scott Shea had no idea this bundle of joy wanted to enter the world so quickly.

“I’m thinking I have time and so I am taking the trash out. And my wife is yelling ‘we need to leave now,’” Scott said.

The Sheas had to pull over the side of the road and deliver their baby at the Mansfield Parking Plaza.

Fortunately Mansfield Fire Fighters quickly arrived on scene to assist in the delivery.

“Her head was already coming out,” Angela said.

Firefighter Bruce Nasland said his team got their just in the nick-of-time.

“I went to the passenger side and mom was delivering and her head was showing. I am just happy everything worked out and I feel like a uncle. ” firefighter Nasland said.

The family is forever grateful to the Mansfield Fire Department.

“It’s a miracle on top of a miracle. The way it happened and then everything was normal after that,” Scott said.


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