By Bobby Sisk, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – Bruins fans are getting a break as they wait for tickets to go on sale at the Garden. “It’s raining outside, but we’re not getting wet so it’s pretty cool,” said David Worrell, third in line. Construction at the Garden means the area outside the Box Office is covered with scaffolding and keeping fans dry.

Ask around, and you’ll find those in line have a strategy. Worrell is switching off with a buddy. “He’ll come over here at 11 after he gets out of work and then I’ll go home and get some sleep and come back here probably around 11 or 11:30 and we’ll buy our tickets at 12,” he said.

Boston Bruins fans wait in line for Stanley Cup Final tickets

Boston Bruins fans wait in line for Stanley Cup Final tickets

When he arrived about 11:30, two cousins ahead of him had already been there an hour and a half. “I just said why not? I got nothing else to do today. I’ll go see if there is anyone down there,” David Freni said. He and his cousin Nathan are recent college grads with some time on their hands. A few years back, David learned a lesson. “I was here for the Celtics and I came at like 6pm the night before and I was like 30th in line and I didn’t end up getting tickets,” he explained. “I’m not going to make that mistake again.” Tickets at the box office and online, go on sale at noon Tuesday. By then, he will have waited 26 hours.

About 50 people were in line as of 11pm Monday night.

Die-hard fans say the time is worth it. “We’ve got a good setup here. We’re protected from the rain and it’s warm,” said Mack Barrero, who stopped by the Garden earlier Monday, had a celebrity run-in and decided he had to come back. “That’s Krejci, that’s Seidenberg and Marchand,” he explained showing a picture he snapped with some B’s stars. “I went down to Avon and took my plumbing stuff out of my truck and put in my sleeping bag.”

To pass the time, there are a few hockey matches on the sidewalk. There are also predictions about the Bruins run for the Stanley Cup. “We’ll take care of it. But a sweep, I don’t think,” said Barrero. “Oh and four baby,” said Nathan Freni. His cousin is confident, but thinks it’ll be a little harder fought. “I think we’ll take it to five or six. I don’t think they are going to take us to seven,” David Freni added. “Our defense is playing phenomenal right now.”

The Bruins are thankful for fans like these willing to wait more than 24 hours for tickets that will cost hundreds of dollars. One way to say thanks, the team will host a send-off as the players head to Chicago Tuesday for games one and two. Because of the rain, it’ll be held inside at the level 2 turnstiles. As a result, only the first 1000 fans will get in. Doors open at 10:30 at the East Premium Entrance.

Of course if you were really a fan, David Freni’s joked that you’d already be in line for tickets. “I think they’re crazy for not waiting here because I’m going to the game. They’re probably not going to. Because if you’re a die-hard Bruins fan like me, this is the type of stuff you’ve got to love.”


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