Bradley Jay: ‘Should Local Police Chiefs Decide Who Gets To Carry A Gun?’

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On Jay Talking, Brent Carlton from Comm2A sits down with Bradley Jay to debate the wisdom of continuing to invest local police chiefs with the power to decide who gets to carry a gun.

Comm2A is a 501c3 organization that educates the public on gun rights issues.

On one hand, police in small towns may have a handle on who the unstable troublemakers are in their towns. On the other, that is a lot of power to bestow on a single person. Denying a person their constitutional right to keep and bear arms is no small thing and the utmost caution must be used in such matters.

Mr. Carlton outlined several court cases that deal with various aspects of gun ownership.

In addition to his involvement with Comm2A, Mr. Carlton is an instructor at Mass Firearms School and a competitive shooter.

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