Do you think you can deliver hot sports takes on a regular basis on the radio? Well 98.5 The Sports Hub is searching for a weekend co-host and it could be you!

Click here to find out how to get involved in The 98.5 Sports Hub Search.

When Toucher & Rich heard this contest was taking place, they thought why not showcase some of the talent they’ve found over the years? So after giving Mike “Behind The Mic” Callahan the spotlight, it’s time for a long lost friend of the show — The Gunner — to return.

The Gunner had been gone for quite some time until very recently, and T&R think he’d be a great candidate for this job. So Rich drove Adolfo out to The Gunner’s house to help him with the demo. They asked him to just talk as if he was hosting a show, and of course, drop some red hot sports takes.

What does Gunner think people want to hear about? Horse racing, rugby and what women are wearing, of course. They also asked him to do a quick endorsement of a product, any guesses what he chose?


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