By Paul Burton, WBZ-TVBy Paul Burton

BOSTON (CBS) – A Dorchester woman made a disturbing discovery inside a local grocery store. ZaNetta Hume says she found rodent traps and droppings right near the deli counter at the Stop and Shop at the South Bay mall in Dorchester.

“I saw about five rodents on these traps and they were dead,” Hume said. ZaNetta says she and her boyfriend captured the images on their cell phones. “We looked closely and we saw five dead rats! We were like oh my gosh!” Hume said.

ZaNetta says two workers had just removed some shelving nearby on Thursday night when she discovered the mess. “I think it’s appalling and disrespectful. There should be more care for the customers and workers in the store,” Hume said.

Inspectional services is now investigating the incident.

This Stop and Shop actually failed their initial inspection earlier this year. They had 13 non-crucial violations. Stop and Shop released a statement saying, “No imminent public health issues were found. Stop & Shop’s management takes this issue seriously and will work with ISD to ensure compliance.”

ZaNetta says the images are too disturbing to forget. “This is the first and the last time I am going to that location,” Hume said.


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