GILL (CBS) — One lucky dog is back home with his family after an incredible reunion, nine months in the making.

In September, the Talliaferro family from Vermont, moved across the country to Oregon.

Their grandmother, who lives in Gill, Mass., took care of their dog Taco during the move.

Once the family was in Oregon, the family’s daughter became very ill, so grandma put Taco in a kennel and went to see the little girl.

Somehow, Taco vanished from that kennel and despite search efforts, from groups like Granite State Dog Recovery, there was no sign of him.

On Monday, all that changed.

People in Hadley spotted a dog near the UMass campus and took him to animal control. Someone thought it might have been Taco and they were right.

Grandma was reunited with Taco this week and once he is well enough, the family will fly him out to Oregon.

Granite State Dog Recovery helps reunite pets with their owners.

For more information, you can go to their website. 


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