NH High School Says Teen Cannot Wear Marine Uniform To Graduation (page 2)

By Michael Rosenfield, WBZ-TV
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The consensus is that all students should dress alike, and no one should be singled out.

“I think this is a celebration of a class much like a celebration of a team, a group that’s been together,” said Principal Brian Pickering.

Several school officials, including a member of the graduation committee, met with WBZ-TV today.

They say they are thrilled with Brandon’s accomplishment but say graduation is about unity.

There is also concern that if an exception is made, it will open up the door to other requests down the road.

“You begin to wonder where to draw the line,” said Pickering.

Brandon’s family had hoped the uniform could inspire younger students.

It will be up to Brandon to decide what to do: either walk with his class in cap and gown or sit and watch the ceremony.

“I do know he will be at graduation,” said his mother.

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