Happy National Running Day! I can’t wait to get home to get out on one of my routes. This is perfect running weather for most of us runners with low humidity and temperatures climbing from the 40s and 50s this morning to the lower to middle 70s this afternoon. My favorite weather conditions for a nice long run include temperatures of 50-60, light wind and fine mist. What works for you?That combination always gives me the best running times. I can’t stress enough how important it is to get out and get some exercise. It’s for your physical and mental well-being. Do something for yourself and get out there. You’ll be amazed at how good you will begin to feel. Seriously.

It was a refreshingly cool night and most of the suburbs started out in the 40s this morning. With the aid of the strong June sunshine, however, temperatures will be rising swiftly to be near 70 during the noon hour. Additional slower warming during the afternoon will boost the numbers to about 75 except along the coast. With a loose pressure gradient, we will not experience the 25 mph gusts of yesterday. Instead, the wind will be floppy in direction and flip to a southeasterly direction closer to the coast running about 10-12 mph. This action will stall the temperature rise along the coast and restrict the numbers to the upper 60s and perhaps result in a slight decline back to the middle 60s by late afternoon at the beaches. Today’s high tides occur at 9:51 am and 10:04 pm. The ocean temperatures are mainly in the range of 54-58 degrees. The sunshine will be bright at times and filtered at other times as some feathery cloudiness passes. The clouds are destined to thicken later in the afternoon but there will be no rain through tomorrow in all of the region. It will be a great evening for the ballgame at Fenway Park as the Red Sox host the Texas Rangers. Expect a first pitch temperature around 65 with a decline of only a couple of degrees during the game. The sky will be partly to mostly cloudy with no rain and a diminishing breeze. Overnight lows across the area will be in the upper 40s to middle 50s. A weak trough of low pressure will be setting up well north and west of Boston tomorrow so any developing showers will be confined to northwestern New England.

Looking ahead, the weather will turn showery all areas Friday morning followed by a steadier and heavier rain overspreading the entire region Friday afternoon. Some copious amounts in the range of 1-3″ of rain may materialize Friday night into early Saturday morning . This is assuming that a bundle of tropical moisture will be streaming up the eastern seaboard from the Gulf of Mexico. This is all associated with a zone of suspicious weather near and west of Florida extending over the water to the west. Presently, there is a 50% chance that a subtropical or tropical cyclone will develop in the next 48 hours down there. It would be named Andrea. The latest timing and projected trajectory places the system over eastern NC late Friday then over Cape Cod Saturday morning. There could be a brisk and gusty northeasterly wind especially along our coast late Friday night into early Saturday. Once the system tracks over the Gulf of ME, a drying and brightening trend will ensue Saturday afternoon but there is still a risk of a few spotty afternoon showers popping off. Sunday is clearly the pick day of the weekend with a partly sunny sky and highs in the middle to upper 70s. After that, a developing weather block in Greenland westward will probably create consternation in New England with a risk of daily showers and scattered storms next week. In fact, it could eventually just turn gray and cool with areas of mist and rain with a northeasterly wind by the middle of next week. With this evolving pattern, there is no chance of any hot weather through most of next week.

Todd Gutner will post an updated blog early this evening and I shall return early tomorrow morning.

Make it a great day!


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