A Blog by Gary LaPierre

Hey…… did you hear the bow-tie’d butt-head from Ohio is bailing out?    Yup it’s true…..the President of Ohio State, making about 2- million dollars a year in salary plus an 8-million dollar expense account is stepping aside, after proving to all of America, he really IS dumber than a box of rocks with a lousy sense of humor.  Gordon Gee isn’t the only problem that school has to be sure, but he is (was) the President of Ohio State and quite honestly, I think the school deserved him.   Gee and the money they paid that jerk typify what’s wrong the academia today.

Are you loving this scramble going at the White House right now?  Is BHO the community organizer from Chicago in panic mode or he just doubling-down on all of  the ka-ka facing his sorry administration.   His Attorney General certainly is……Eric BeHolder, caught flat-out lying about snooping into the lives and contacts of news reporters, is now telling his people to hold firm….keep up the pressure.   The top law enforcement officer in America, worried about leaks.     Another sad commentary on what this second term is going to accomplish……….Nothing!!!!

But the coup de gras to date, came today when BHO tapped Susan Rice to be the nations top…….I mean TOP security advisor.  This is the Jamaican/American Ambassador to the U.N who was thrown under the bus by the Obama folk when they panicked over how to explain the Benghazi massacre of four Americans, including the U.S. Ambassador there.    Ms. Rice……a Rhodes Scholar no less, is the one who was tossed to the Sunday news wolves to make believe she didn’t know the difference between a protest demonstration and a terrorist attack.  She is now sitting at the right-hand of you-know-who.    She is this country’s TOP security advisor and BHO apparently thinks this is a good thing.   I bet John Kerry gives her a congratulatory call.   You see John would not be our Secretary of State if they hadn’t dirtied-up Susan Rice.  She would have been named to replace Hillary, not Senator “live-shot” Kerry, but Rice was damaged and Kerry, if nothing else, got a chance to travel a lot.  Let me see…breakfast with Teresa or a trip to Afghanistan?   See you in Kandahar!

I can’t help but wonder if Susan Rice’s’ first task, will be to find out who came up with the phony talking points on Benghazi and tossed her under the bus.


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