The Boston Bruins have shocked the hockey world early in the Eastern Conference finals, taking a 2-0 series lead on Pittsburgh’s home ice.

While the Bruins have put themselves in an ideal position, team president Cam Nelly said Tuesday on Felger & Mazz that the toughest test is yet to come.

“We all know the series is far from over. We know that there’s still a lot of work to be done, that’s for sure,” Neely said.

If Neely were to give a message to his team for Game 3, it would be simple.

“This is going to be the toughest game of the series. Be prepared for that,” Neely said. “Play the way we need to play, but be prepared for the toughest game of the series.”

Neely said he’s seen the team do a lot of things right on the ice, obviously, but he’s seen an impressive focus and work ethic off the ice that’s contributing to the postseason success.

“It’s been pretty interesting,” Neely siad. “I have a chance to witness it more on the road because you’re around the guys more than you are at home, but come game day you see a very business-like approach. There is not a lot of looseness and laughing and joking around — although they feel good and they’re comfortable. But on game days, I sense that it’s a very business-like approach. They know that we have some work to do at night.

“It’s through the whole lineup, to be honest to you. I’m talking at the morning meal, I’m talking around the rink at morning skate, I’m talking when you’re on the bus and there isn’t a lot of chatter coming back from morning skate. It’s a little different on off days, there’s a lot more chatter and laughter depending on how you played the night before. But what I see on game day is a pretty focused attitude throughout the lineup.

“I think it comes from the experience that everybody has gone through before, the leadership that we have, understanding there is a task at hand and a goal we want to accomplish.”

Neely also discussed Patrice Bergeron’s fight, Matt Cooke’s illegal hit, the jarring going on between Sidney Crosby and Zdeno Chara and plenty more.

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