BOSTON (CBS) – The wait is over. The Bruins and Penguins are ready to go for Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Final tonight in Pittsburgh. The Penguins are favored, but the city of Boston is feeling good about its club.

Former NHL referee Paul Stewart puts us inside the head of an official for these games.

He says it’s all about having a good feel for the game, staying patient, and along the way, “you become like Michelangelo. You look at the ceiling and you can see the picture.”

Stewart says in these big games you don’t want to start calling every little penalty, and when it comes to the rulebook, “it’s something you read, but toss away and feel the game as it goes along.”

On Bruins Head Coach Claude Julien, Stewart says he gives him credit for earning the players’ loyalty.

Here’s the full interview with WBZ’s Drew Moholland

You can hear the WBZ Water Cooler on Saturday at 10:25 AM and 5:55 PM, and Sunday at 5:55 PM, on WBZ NewsRadio 1030.


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