BOSTON (CBS) — WBZ’s Jon Keller is the only Boston television and radio reporter to be named as one of the best political reporters in the state.

The Washington Post’s blog “The Fix” asked its readers to nominate the best political reporter in their state. The results were then recorded into a state-by-state database on the blog.

“In every state, there is at least one — and often many more than one — great political reporters, the one person that EVERY politico in the state reads. But, who is that person (or persons) in all 50 states?” the blog asked.

Jon Keller was named the best of the best along with David Bernstein of Boston Magazine and Matt Viser of the Boston Globe.

Keller tweeted shortly after the list came out that he’s honored to be mentioned with the likes of Bernstein and Tim White, investigative reporter for WPRI-TV in Rhode Island.


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