By Todd Gutner WBZ-TV

We missed 90 in Boston…the high was 88…so we wait another day to achieve something that hasn’t been done since late last Summer.  This also means that a heatwave in Boston in is jeopardy as well.  Regardless, today was hot…the hottest day since August 31st of last year.  Not much will change through the weekend, tomorrow we will see another offshore wind and this will bake even the beaches many will climb to between 90-95 degrees…making Friday the hottest of the stretch.

Over the weekend, winds will shift a bit to the SW from the W…this will bring more of an ocean influence into play on both Saturday and Sunday.  The result will be slightly less hot temps namely for towns east of I-95.

Early next week a slow moving coldfront will slide through with numerous showers and thunderstorms…it will take all of Monday to get through but once it leaves the area early on Tuesday it will scour out the heat and the humidity and leave us with a spectacular second half of the week.


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