By Todd Gutner WBZ-TV

The last couple of days have been worth the wait…sun, comfy and warm…but changes are closing in fast and we’ll see our first taste of Summer conditions for the remainder of the week.  That means heat, humidity, haze and thunderstorms…all the fixings!

Showers and storms will precede this very hot and humid airmass.  Late tonight a warmfront will approach from the south along it and just south of it showers and storms will break out.  It will be slow to move through the area which means the next 24 hours will be unsettled.  Muggy air will begin working in late tonight and showers and even a few rumbles will be possible overnight through tomorrow morning’s commute.  Following the first surge of muggy air clouds will attempt to break up and sunny breaks will emerge midday.  With the sun comes warmer temps and instability which can lead to thunderstorms.  The most sun will be found in Western New England and that’s where the most potent storms are likely to form…any storm that forms may have large hail, damaging wind, torrential rain and cloud-to-ground lightning.  Storms will fade away after sunset tomorrow evening.

Once the storms depart, the gates will open up for some serious heat to build in.  90+ degree heat is likely Thursday through Sunday.  This would mean an extended heatwave for some communities.  The last time Boston had a high of 90 or better was last August 31st…the last time Boston had a heatwave was July 13-15 of last year…both will be possible later this week.



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