In Jermaine Wiggins’ absecence, Director of Communications, Billy Lanni will be sitting in for Felger and Massarotti’s “10 Questions with…” today. Some of the topics covered today were the Celtics offseason, the Sox, and of course Manny Ramirez.

10 Questions for Billy Lanni:

10. If Doc Rivers does not return to the Celtics and you are Wyc Grousbeck, what is your next move?

9. Who is your favorite player in baseball right now?

8. Who is your least favorite player on the Red Sox?

7. You’ve always been an anti-hockey guy. Has that changed? What’s your favorite part of the sport? Least favorite?

6. Do you have a word on the street?

5. Independent of Doc Rivers, what is your first move on the Celtics roster? Would you buy out Paul Pierce?

4. You once uttered the famous line, “Tell your story walkin’ Papelbon, we got Bard.” Do you still feel the same way?

3. Serious question: if you were Ben Cherington, would you bring back Manny Ramirez right now?

2. What did you think of the Red Sox’ Memorial Day uniforms?

1. Bruins-Penguins: give us a prediction.


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