BOSTON (CBS) — Everybody knows there’s no use crying over spilled milk. But if you’re the Boston Bruins goaltender, there’s no use crying over bad goals.

Tuukka Rask, who embarrassingly tripped in his crease Thursday night to allow the first New York goal in a game the Bruins eventually lost in overtime, knows that well. While Rask was not happy to allow that type of goal in that type of spot, he said Friday that he’s not going to spend too much time lamenting the on-ice tumble.

“Yeah, I saw it. I saw it many times in my head, too,” Rask said when asked if he’s seen a replay. “I mean, you can either cry about it or laugh about it. I decided it’s better to have a sense of humor and laugh about it.

“Tough break, those happen, but to be honest I think throughout the years I’ve been pretty good at making those not-so top 10 list of plays, so there we are again.”

KALMAN: Rask With Something To Prove After Game 4 Blunders

Rask may have been referring to his now-famous milk crate toss from his days in Providence, or his face-first fall into the boards from earlier this season after a shootout loss to Montreal, but the 26-year-old did not appear to be too broken up about it. Neither is his coach.

“There’s not much you can say on those kind of things,” Claude Julien said of the goal. “We know the impact it had. He lets one of those in and how many does he save for us? You kind of balance those things out. It becomes a non-issue.”

That may be the case going forward, but as for the current situation, Rask and the Bruins have to get back to work Saturday afternoon looking to finish what they could have done on Thursday.


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