By Michael Rosenfield, WBZ-TV

MANCHESTER, NH (CBS) – A knife-wielding suspect threatened a clerk and a customer at a store in Manchester, New Hampshire.

It happened Thursday night at the Manchester Mart on Hooksett Road.

“At first it almost sounded like a joke but when I saw the knife I knew it wasn’t a joke,” said clerk Bob Hogan, 65.

The suspect was wearing a surgical mask and latex gloves, and his top appeared to be worn inside-out.

“He started screaming,” said Hogan. “I said ‘OK, you want the money, you’ve got it.'”

The suspect demanded the cash be placed in a black plastic bag he had brought with him. He also said he had a gun.

He then turned to a female customer in the store and demanded her money as well, but she told him she had just spent all her cash. He then went back to the counter.

Knife-wielding robbed in Manchester, NH

Knife-wielding robbed in Manchester, NH

“He says ‘I want the money out of the second register’ and I told him four times we didn’t have a second register in this store,” said Hogan.

The man took off with about $200 but left a piece of evidence a behind: a black hat with gold lettering that said ‘Knob Creek’.

“One of our K-9 teams did conduct a track from the store,” said Manchester Police Lieutenant Maureen Tessier. “They were able to recover a black baseball hat that they do believe was worn in the robbery.”

Manchester Police say another armed robbery occurred earlier in the day at Maverick Gas & Convenience. Investigators say the same man could be responsible. He was also wearing latex gloves and had a black plastic bag. In that incident, the suspect took a swing at the clerk with a hammer when he was confronted outside. The clerk was not hurt.


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