By Ken MacLeod

SANDWICH (CBS) – A Cape Cod woman is mourning the loss of her cat that had to be euthanized after it was shot with a pellet gun.

There’s now a reward to find the person responsible.

Michelle Wolf is still struggling with it. “It’s hard to lose a pet,” she says.

Her pet, Mister Paws, spent most of his day outside, until last week, when she found him curled up by the side of the house.

“It was crying but it wasn’t moving,” said Michelle.

Michelle and her boyfriend took Mister Paws to the local veterinarian, thinking his hind legs may have been paralyzed by some attacking wild animal, even though they didn’t see any wounds.

“The spinal cord was severed and the cat was paralyzed and the wounds were not going to be something the cat could ever recover from,” said Dr. Martha Smith-Blackmore of the Animal Rescue League of Boston.

X-ray of cat shot with a pellet gun.

X-ray of cat shot with a pellet gun.

The local veterinarian had to euthanize the cat and turned it over to the Animal Rescue League of Boston where veterinarians found a small entry hole and a slug lodged in the cat’s spinal column, very possibly from a pellet gun.

Michelle alerted her neighbors on Pierre Vernier Drive along the Sandwich-Mashpee line while the Rescue League has offered a $500 reward for info that helps police arrest and convict the shooter.

The slug removed from Mister Paws has been sent to the State Police Crime Lab for analysis.


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