By Todd Gutner WBZ-TV

While Eastern MA didn’t get into any sun today, the Western half of the State did and that lead to some more dangerous thunderstorms with one that crossed the Pioneer Valley getting Tornado Warned.  There has been no report of a tornado but there was a report of a funnel cloud near Whately, MA.  All storms have since weakened and the rest of the night should be much quieter.

We will once again wake up to clouds and fog tomorrow morning but a stronger southerly wind should help mix out the cloud deck so that we at least see a little sunshine during the midday.  Temps will shoot up into the 70s and even close to 80 for some.  Along with the warmth comes the threat for more severe weather…with the greatest threat in Western MA closest to an approaching coldfront.

That front will get hung up over us on Friday and with ample moisture available, periods of heavy downpours will be likely especially in Eastern MA.  Temps will also be cooling off through the 60s as winds turn to the north.

An area of low pressure will develop along the front and slowly ripple north.  Depending on how close the front settles to New England will ultimately dictate how much wet weather will linger over the weekend.  But as of now, Saturday isn’t looking good with periods of rain and very chilly temps in the upper 50s.  The storm will lift north on Sunday and lingering showers should taper off but sun may be tough to find…highs in the mid 60s.  Finally by Monday, the pattern will improve enough to get a good deal of sunshine in here but don’t expect beach weather…highs in the upper 60s max.


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