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Here is a look at our picks this week for programming on myTV38. See our program guide for the complete schedule of what to watch!


Monday 5/20 – 6:00pm

“The Puerto Rican Day”
Jerry and the gang are mired in heavy traffic during The Puerto Rican Day Parade; George is plagued by a laser pointer; Elaine struggles to get home to unwind.

Kramer: “It’s like every Puerto Rican in New York City is out today!”
Puerto Rican: “Well, it is our day.”



Tuesday 5/21 – 7:30pm

The-Big-Bang-Theory-LogoThe Big Bang Theory
“The Lizard Spock Expansion”
Howard thinks he has finally found the love of his life, but Leonard inadvertently steals her away, which causes a serious problem for the friends.

“I am not going to watch the Clone Wars TV series until I’ve seen the Clone Wars movie. I prefer to let George Lucas disappoint me in the order he intended.” –Sheldon



Wednesday 5/22 – 6:30pm

How-I-Met-Your-Mother-LogoHow I Met Your Mother
“Now We’re Even”
Barney tries to lure Ted into going out every night; Lily has a naughty dream about someone besides Marshall; Robin finally becomes a famous news anchor.

“People make fun of the guy who stays home every night doing nothing, but the truth is that guy is a genius.” –Ted



Thursday 5/23 – 5:00pm

The-King-of-Queens-LogoThe King Of Queens
“Eddie Money”
Doug takes $100 from the “emergency funds jar” to make a bet and when he wins $5,000, he can’t let Carrie find out so he sets out to spend it all one day.

Mr. Kaplan: “That was some pretty impressive lying.”
Carrie: “Well, I’ve worked for lawyers long enough.”



Friday 5/24 – 7:30pm

The-Big-Bang-Theory-LogoThe Big Bang Theory
“The Bath item Gift Hypothesis”
Christmas becomes a stressful time for everyone as Leonard’s handsome colleague starts dating Penny and Sheldon pesters the gang with his gift etiquette.

“All I need is a healthy ovum and I can grow my own Leonard Nimoy!” –Sheldon



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