I hope that you enjoyed the weekend which was highlighted by sunny mornings and cloudier afternoons. Thankfully, the showers didn’t materialize until late in the afternoon yesterday ahead of an approaching warm frontal boundary that has pushed offshore early this morning. Residual low-level moisture in the form of a low overcast will show thinning and brightening spots leading to some clearing and resultant sunshine as the morning progresses. With a warm air mass in place, the temperature will easily soar to near or slightly over 80 in most locations. As a cold frontal boundary shifts southward across northern New England this afternoon, a few spotty showers and boomers will erupt. There is a risk that a couple of storms will stray into northern or northeastern MA late this afternoon or the first part of the evening. The wind will be quite light today at 5-15 mph mainly from the west-southwest with a chance that a local sea breeze could cool off a few beaches. The ocean wind would not be as chilling as it was the second half of yesterday afternoon. That cold front is destined to cause consternation because it is unclear how far south it will settle before stalling. Presently, it appears that the coastal plain will be cooled with highs only in the lower to middle 60s tomorrow while 70s are likely in central MA and 80s in western New England. With that front in the vicinity, there is a risk that a few spotty showers and storms will be triggered mainly tomorrow afternoon and evening.

The front will retrace its path and become a warm front Tuesday night so all sections will be in the warm and humid air mass on Wednesday and Thursday. Expect highs on those two days in the range of 80-85 despite the lack of significant bright sunshine. As a cold frontal boundary approaches from the west on Thursday with an added weak wave of low pressure perhaps developing along the boundary, the showers and boomers will become more numerous in the afternoon and evening. The frontal boundary will gradually shift offshore Friday morning with perhaps a few lingering rain showers. Clearing should proceed slowly southeastward Friday so some sunshine should break out in the Boston area in the afternoon. That should set us up for a delightful holiday weekend. A zone of high pressure building southeastward from Ontario should provide a nice mass of dry air yielding abundant sunshine and a few patches of clouds. Plan on weekend highs near 70 except along the coast where a sea breeze will keep it cooler in the lower 60s. The nice sunny weather is slated to continue beyond Memorial Day with a warming trend.

Todd Gutner posts a fresh blog early this evening and I shall return early tomorrow morning.

Make it a great day!


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