A Blog by Gary LaPierre

1.     I didn’t hit the lottery.    A half  billion dollars hangin’ out there and I came up with squat!  My disappointment however was short lived when my wife reminded me…”you’re never going to win if you never buy a ticket.”   I do have a neighbor who has won several thousand dollars in the past year by buying lotto tickets, but he admits that’s rare and I’ll stick with my contention that if you want to be a certified “loser”…go buy some lottery tickets.

2.     No Triple Crown again this year.   Truth be known…I’m being factitious with that one, because if I was going to be disappointed over something, the winner of a horse race would be the very last.  Again to quote a neighbor (a different one) “don’t ever forget there are a lot more horses asses than there are horses.”  I guess it all comes back to that gambling thing (not unlike the lottery) because without the betting part, horse racing would be totally irrelevant.   It’s a niche sport to be sure….and to quote Austen Gregerson in “The Rant”……”insanely rich dudes betting on who spliced together the best horse genes doesn’t make me feel inspired, no matter how many mint juleps I drank.”     I believe he called it “funny hats and haughty affluence.”

3.   I went to an Alan Jackson concert over the weekend.  Love Alan Jackson, he has made dozens of huge country hits and from all appearances, he’s a class guy, great with his audiences, surrounds himself with incredible musicians and puts on a fantastic show.   The disappointment?  The aforementioned audience.   I had great seats, first row (left-center) behind the vomitorium (look it up) and the evening weather was perfect for this amphitheater setting.  I paid just under a hundred bucks each for four seats and never sat down once.  It’s sorta the way concerts go I guess.           As soon as the star comes to the stage, the idiot audience stands….in some cases stands on the seat….to sing-along, dance, gyrate, scream and hoot and holler, fondle each other, spill beer and wine in all directions and otherwise make total fools out of themselves for the entire one-hour-15-minute show…….in my estimation, completely ruining the evening for those of us who came to see and hear Alan Jackson perform, not the audience.


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