Photo of a 1976 yearbook photo of John Tortorella. (Photo from David Robichaud)

Photo of a 1976 yearbook photo of John Tortorella. (Photo from David Robichaud)

BOSTON (CBS) – As soon as WBZ-TV’s David Robichaud found his Concord-Carlisle yearbook and put New York Rangers head coach John Tortorella’s photo on Twitter Thursday morning, speculation began about what the heck Tort meant with his his various quotes.

Perhaps the most intriguing part of his yearbook photo was the quote, “WHERE IS MUSKY.” had a feature that speculated it had something to do with dead hobos — though that’s what they had for a few other quotes as well.

But after a little investigative journalism, Robi figured it out. Tortorella was referring to Mike Muscarella — a high school classmate.

“I haven’t heard of Musky in a long time. We know who he is, now we must find him,” said Robi. “It’s my mission now.”

Robi said he was never part of any bathroom brawls, but imagines wedgies were involved. He also said Tortorella didn’t have the stature to be an actual “bully,” but he was certainly a hot head.

“(He was) just super, super competitive. Just in your face. He would not tolerate teammates mailing it in at all; he would never tolerate Manny Ramirez; he would love Dustin Pedroia.”

But he did shed some light on what “Living At Snakes” and “Lana’s Garage” meant.

“Snakes is Jack Watts, he was the high school quarterback,” explained Robi.

As for who Lana is and what happened in her garage, it’s not some long-lost love of Tort’s high school days.

“That’s Lanagan. Lana is short for Lanagan, I think it’s short for Mike Lanagan,” said Robi. “It’s a dude’s nickname.”

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