By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – It’s been awhile since we’ve been to see any movie, let alone a good one. And this weekend might be the perfect time to catch up and get away from the depressing political news of the moment.

So let’s see what our choices are.

It appears as if we have a slew of sports-themed films to choose from. There’s “The Great Gatsby,” the story of super-wealthy dilettantes who squander their gifts with recklessness and poor judgment. I think I’ve seen more than enough of New York Knicks basketball for one week, so I’ll skip that one.

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

There’s something called “Aftershock,” which I presume is a documentary about how the rest of the week went for Toronto Maple Leafs fans, and again, I’ll pass in favor of something more uplifting.

In that vein, I could go see the new movie about Bruins captain Zdeno Chara, “Iron Man 3,” but why pay $20 for tickets to something I can watch for free on TV?

As I said, I’m trying to take a break from politics, so that rules out “To The Arctic,” a movie about bi-partisan relationships in Washington; “Escape From Planet Earth,” a movie about what the president would like to do this weekend; and “The Source Family,” a documentary about a charismatic father-figure/cult leader preaching a gospel of healthy eating.

For me, it’s too soon for a feature length movie about the Menino years.

Maybe I’ll just skip the movies after all, although I am intrigued by the concept of the “Lux Level” some theatres offer.

I guess that’s where you go after you start in the cheap bagel seats and work your way up to the cream cheese mezzanine.

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