MONT VERNON, N.H. (CBS) – The police chief in Mont Vernon, New Hampshire had a close call on the job… with a fugitive goat.

Now the question is – who owns it?

Police say a local resident called them Monday after finding a stray goat trespassing inside their garage.

Chief Kyle Aspinwall responded and ended up in a confrontation.

“Chief Aspinwall was nearly head butted by the goat when it was resisting arrest, but he and the goat are uninjured,” police said in a statement Thursday.

The goat was put in the back of a police cruiser and photographed.

An unidentified person agreed to take custody of the goat until its owner could be found.

But, the goat escaped again Tuesday.

Another resident captured it and is now holding onto it.

“The goat is black and brown in color and has an unidentified tag attached to it and has refused to identify itself,” police said.

Anyone with information about the goat can contact the Mont Vernon Police Department at 603-673-5610.


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